Horning’s DEI Mission and Vision

Horning is dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and workplace, where every voice is heard, respected, and valued. We pledge to actively seek out, develop, and promote individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, recognizing that this diversity is a source of strength for our organization.

We are committed to equipping our team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead across differences and to collaborate in a supportive and inclusive environment. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth, we empower our employees to contribute their full potential and unique perspectives.

As part of our commitment, we will work diligently to expand our diverse community partnerships and proactively engage company leaders as advocates for cultivating and strengthening these relationships. Our leadership team will champion the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion by fostering open dialogue and promoting collaboration with community organizations, educational institutions, and local businesses. In doing so, we will create lasting, positive change within the communities we serve and deepen our understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by diverse populations.

Our ongoing efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion will elevate Horning as a whole, benefiting our company, customers, and the communities we serve. As we work collectively toward this mission, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence and innovation, embracing the power of diversity to drive our shared success.

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