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A Recap of Our All-Company Core Values Conference

Our recent all-company conference served as a vibrant testament to our core values: integrity, collaboration, community focus, and empowerment. We began the day with a fun icebreaker game that fostered connections and highlighted the importance of teamwork. This laid the foundation for a day filled with wisdom and motivation, highlighted by a keynote address by Antwanye Ford, President & CEO of Enlightened Inc., emphasizing how we embody our company's essence and the importance of aligning our efforts toward a common goal.

A standout moment of the conference was the engaging discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). A fireside chat with our CEO/President, Jamie Weinbaum, provided a platform to discuss Horning's DEI mission, igniting dialogue and offering fresh perspectives. These discussions continued in a DEI breakout session, promoting deeper exploration, and ensuring our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains at the forefront of our organizational culture.

We also took time to recognize and celebrate individuals and teams who not only achieved outstanding results in 2023, but also exemplified our core values in their daily work, making a positive impact within our organization and beyond. Additionally, we honored the dedication and loyalty of our long-serving employees, whose commitment speaks volumes about the strong sense of community and belonging in our workplace.

As the conference drew to a close, we gathered for a joyful happy hour, filled with laughter and camaraderie. It provided a moment to reflect on the day's discussions, celebrate our achievements, and recharge for the journey ahead.


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